Water Crises in Gawadar City….Hebitan Umer

Water Crises in Gawadar City….Hebitan Umer best online pharmacy brand cialis dyazide. anti depressant tablets in pakistan price

buy finax online http://adie-cupu.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/02/cheap-dramamine-trip/ Ai??The shortage of water in Balochistan is assuming a disturbing situation and if the water problem is not overwhelmed sh http://tdmgroup.pl/?p=1244 ortly then the whole so-called development process in the province in all the sectors will come to break.

Gawadar is the summer Capital of Balochistan province but Gawadarai??i??s population remained static for decades the people are forced to leave their native city as there was no water available for drinking and other basic needs as water is the essential requirement for living. The excess of population had been pushed to other parts of Province and especially Turbat and Karachi. For the time being no official authority had taken any step to resolve the situation. This Alarming situation does not only exist in Balochistan but also it is a major issue of the country. As according to World Bank recent report, Pakistan is among those few countries that may face severe water shortages in near future. Per capita water availability has dropped dramatically over the past 60 years and could fall to less than 1000 cubic meters by 2012 as report further reveals.

Provincial Government has missed lot of opportunities to resolve this critical solution. In this regard The internationally funded Ankara Kaur Dam was scheduled to build and it was thought it would be the everlasting solution but the dishonest and corrupt team of officials destroyed the whole project using sub-standard material and below specification engineering works and also wrong planning and perception. It was inefficiency, in-competency and dishonesty on the part of government which destroyed many projects which were initiated for the benefits of the people of this province, including important development projects, in the past.

A land pipeline carrying water from Mirani Dam to gawadar was an another solution of the crises but till the date this project could not initiated due the non-seriousness and security conflicts continued for the last one decade. This project is also going to in a failure status as there is lake of will and determination from the official authorities.

The time has come to work practically instead of lip services or holding mere conferences over the water issue in the province, and Government officials can no more be lightheaded. We observe there is a dire need to ensure implementation on the short-term, in addition to devise strategy for long-term programs. It is now time to stress the need to adopt modern techniques for irrigation purposes and preserve water, so as to get maximum benefits from the available water resources.

Now there is a need that the Government of the province should look for international assistance for building Dams and other reservoirs to make sure the proper water supply for the people of Gawadar and other areas of Dasht. In this regard there is a possibility for the Government of Balochistan to build a massive and higher dam in the downstream of Dasht River in Suntay Sar near Gawadar where drinking water can be stored and utilize.

This water shortage has been threatening the federal structure of the country. Our reluctance to treat water as an economic good and inadequate recognition of the environmental concerns associated with current practices has led us towards this disastrous situation. Its remedy is an urgent one; otherwise it could trigger water riots and finally lead to social, if not political, catastrophe. Since no additional water is available, it is the time to recognize our responsibilities and start taking steps in the right direction. Federal government should come up to resolve this situation as water crisis is emerging rapidly which could have major implications for Pakistan’s economy and society.


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