M.I.R.P Holds Balochistan’s First Social Media Conference…Yousaf Ajab Baloch

M.I.R.P Holds Balochistan’s First Social Media Conference

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch 

Courtesy by : Thebalochhal.com


On July 7, the Mehrdar Institute of Research and Publication (M.I.R.P) conducted a one-day seminar on Social Media: Imagination to Approach. A large number of social activists , journalists including students of the University of Balochistan’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication participated in the event.
The seminar, which lasted for three hours, consisted of introduction to Mehrdar Institute, documentaries on Social Media: Imagination to Approach, social media in Balochistan prospective and discussion of senior journalists on Skype especially talked to event participants. Parven Naz, Mr. Qasir Ronja, Eman Baloch, Adeel Ahmed, Imran Saqib, , Abid Mir and Hebathan Dashti also talked to the partakers.
The objective of the seminar was to discus importance of social media and its influencing results. The researched base documentaries of Hebathan Dashti remained very helpful to participants to understand social media from imagination to approach in Balochistan prospective.

The executive director of Mehrdar Institute of Research and Publication, Perveen Naz that the Mehrdar institution is in action to bring social change. It is platform of educated youths who work with innovative ideas and focus on research. She said that in one year the institution had published more than 12 books and Seminar on social media was its first effort. “Apart from publication, the filming and documentary are being focused.” She added.
The event remained remarkable due to the senior Wushat Ullha Khan and Malik Siraj Akbar who talked on skype to the participants.
Malik siraj Akbar, Editor In-Chief of the first online English paper of Balochistan The Baloch Hal. Malik said “The social media has ended monopoly of print media even now newspapers and news channels depend on the social media” .He said that social media was free from any censorship and people could post and upload their videos. He encouraged youths to contribute to the Baloch Hal focusing local and social problems of Balochistan.
Talking through the video link prominent Journalist and analyst Wushat Ullha khan said “social media is just like a home for us and by dint of it the world has become global village”. He explained the interactive and semi interactive media and blamed hacking of social media websites and websites as social crimes.
Mr. Wushat Ullha khan said “Progress in social media is development process of mass communication but the users of social media have to follow the ethics so the social media can be tool for change in the society.”
Social media activist and Baloch film director Imran Saqib said that social media has been a great tool to develop their Balochi films, mainly, the Youtube. Saqib said that they shared their films on Youtube and received a great feedback.
The video blogger and social activist Qasir Ronja presented his success stories as example. He said that social media is the source to break the circles in which the other people want us to be limited. The participants appreciated efforts and success of Qasir Ronja.
The host of PTV Bolan and social media activist Eman Baloch presented Social Media: Gender prospective. She also shared her experience of working with TV channel and said that hard work and sincerity are input to success.
Mr.Abid Mir, Social activist and journalist, Adeel Ahmed the admin of Hamara Quetta and Blogger and this writer also talked to the participants.
Hebathan Dasti, thanked participants and called social media free of groups and regions. He said “Social media develops through our usage and we can be part of it even with the help of a mobile, having social media tools.

Yousaf Ajab Baloch is a Staff Member at The Baloch Hal.

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